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38 lbs of Markers!

38 lbs of old markers were collected at our school. They will be recycled through Crayola’s Colorcycle Program and avoid sitting in a landfill for 500 years+ . Send your markers in and we’ll add them to our collection.

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Earth Week @ Birchview

*Collect plastic shopping bags all week (write how many on the outside)

*Waste Free lunches all week

*Collecting cell phones/accessories all month (April)

*Wear blue and green (April 20th)

*Birchview Water bottles for sale

*School yard cleanups

*Book Swap- During nutrition breaks from Monday to Thursday in front of the library.  (Donate books MON/TUES./WED. – anyone take a book WED./THURS./FRI.)

*Door murals/decorating contest- Using predominantly recycled materials, each class will design and construct a door display following the theme of environmental appreciation (Thank you earth, what we love about the earth – for instance, animals, trees, etc – lots of ideas online).  Portables can do this within their own rooms (inside door, bulletin board, window). All doors should be decorated by April 20th.

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Birchview Waste Audit 2018

On Thursday, April 12, 2018, our entire school’s waste from Wednesday was weighed, and checked to see how we are doing as a school with putting items in the correct bins. Here is a pie chart of the results Birchview Dunes Waste Audit – April 12 2018-14qkmbi. When we use recycling bins, we put the right things inside 84% of the time, 15% is garbage in our recycling bins, mostly plastic cutlery which is garbage. When it comes to our garbage bins, only 40% is actually garbage. We need to stop putting food, napkins and containers, especially yogurt containers, into the garbage. Special mention goes to the following classes which, when checked last week, had all their waste sorted perfectly, even garbage! Mr. Sammons, Mrs. Baumgarten, Mrs. Elton, Mr. Brooks, and Mrs. Wojcik. Let’s all try avoid using the garbage can and start using the right bins more often.

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Recycle your cell, plastic shopping bags, and markers during Earth Month at Birchview.

See Recycle My Cell details below.


Send in plastic shopping bags April 16-20, 2018.

Recycle My Cell: What can be collected?

The Challenge will accept all old, damaged and out-of-use cell phones, smartphones, wireless PDAs, and pagers. We will also accept rechargeable cell phone batteries and accessories, but these will not count towards your total.

We do not accept cordless phones, walkie-talkies, non-wireless PDAs, Mp3 players, any battery not commonly found in a cell phone (example: single use batteries, rechargeable AA batteries), laptop computers or answering machines.

What happens to the phones and other items that we collect?

Mobile devices that are collected are sent to GREENTEC for processing. Shipments arriving at GREENTEC are sorted, evaluated and tested to assess their functionality.

Phones are first tested to assess their ability to power on. Devices which power on then receive a data wipe to remove any confidential information which may have been left on by the consumer. Components, including the LCD screen, keypad, battery, antenna and casing, are evaluated. Phones deemed to be in good condition are then inspected for water damage and “call tested” to confirm their functionality. Phones that pass as functional are then sold for reuse.

Phones that do not power on, or do not pass the functionality evaluation, are separated for material recovery by recycling. Devices are broken down to their base components (metals or plastics), and then sent to approved processors.

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Congratulations to the students and staff at Birchview Dunes Elementary School for another Eco School GOLD certification!

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Colouring Contest

The Eco Team is hosting a school wide colouring contest!

The idea of the colouring contest is to draw new trees that will soon be planted at the school. A prize will be rewarded to the winners. Please put your name, teacher’ s name, grade and colour group on the back of your drawing.

All drawings are due by Earth Day.


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Gold Again!

The eco team is proud to announce that once again we have become a gold eco school. All your hard work has paid off once again, from the battery challenge, to waste free Wednesday, and the beach cleanup. We would like to thank the staff, the students, and even the parents for helping us get a second gold sticker on the eco school plaque in the front foyer.  Let’s keep going with this  accomplishment and try to get gold again next year!!

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Piping Plovers: ENDANGERED

On Monday June, 27th,  Mrs. Fleming’s grade 5 class went down to Wasaga Beach, Area 1, to learn about the Piping Plovers.  While there, six signs, that were created by the grade 5 students, were put up that were specially chosen by  judges.  Each sign showed that you are not aloud to go in the nesting area. The six winners are Cooper T, Saige S, Sofie S, Adelle W, Abbey D, and Sarah D.

If you would like to see the signs go up to Beach 1 and try to see if you can find a Piping Plover.

Mrs. Fleming’s Class


Wasaga's piping plovers could set chick record in 2016

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Solar Panels at Birchview

Did you know that we have solar panels on the roof of our school? Well if you didn’t we’re going to tell you a little about them. We would like to thank Jessica from the school board office for giving us the information we needed.

Here are some facts:                                                                                   -The solar panels on our roof produce 100kW (kilowatts) of electricity

-There are about 360 panels on our roof

-Solar energy is renewable

-There are different molecules that help produce electricity

-Solar cells are also called photovoltaic cells

-The first solar panel was made in 1839

-Solar panels can be used to power portable devices such as calculators, which we use in our classrooms

If you want to learn more about solar energy here is a video




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Planting a Forest!

20160506_10573420160506_11133820160506_11465320160506_123731Mrs. Fleming’s and Mr. Pinkerton’s classes had an incredible day on Friday, May 6th, on our Tree Planting field trip. We planted 410 trees! This new forest, nearly 1 acre large will help improve fish habitat, provide habitats for birds and wildlife, and improve water quality by reducing nutrient runoff to the creek. These benefits will extend for kilometers downstream. In addition, we are offsetting our carbon footprint. Everyone should be super proud of the work they did to help the environment. 

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